Introducing Shellback Tech

Creations For Good

I'm a Disabled Iraq Veteran, PC Enthusiast / Builder, Dad, and Gamer trying to build custom PC's for Disabled Veterans and those less fortunate.  I am hopeful of gaining enough support to start doing full-time charity PC Builds for especially deserving Disabled Veterans. I have registered for my Charity Organization Status with the Secretary of State, and now I am working towards obtaining my Tax Exempt Charity Status with the IRS as a 501(c)3. I am putting forth all my effort towards those applications and paperwork, then subsequently for parts and pieces for the builds, and filming gear for the building process and reveal video. I understand that I am not a big name in the tech YouTube, Instagram, or Twitch/Streaming communities, but I am hopeful that my talents can be utilized to help deserving disabled veterans and those without the means in the area find an outlet where they would otherwise have none. I have previously had sponsorship from a number of different companies such as InWin, ModMyMods, Micro Center, VisionTek, Rosewill, OCPC, Raidmax, Cooler Master, EVGA, Logitech, and Arctic in my charity PC builds, as well as my reviews on YouTube and here. I donate my build services free of charge, provide a free copy of Windows 10 Pro, document the entire build process through social media outlets, post updates regularly when I start obtaining materials to work with, and credit all who donate to the process with whatever means they ask. As I am permanently disabled, myself, and currently doing all of the charity work out-of-pocket, I cannot afford to sustain this project alone.


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Fargo, ND, USA

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